We pride ourselves in staying on the leading edge when it comes to coating technology. Our single-application coatings will last for years giving the same results in shine, dirt-repulsion and paint protection.
under the microscope
the science OF COATINGS

A ceramic coating's first purpose is to protect your clearcoat and by proxy, your paint. Usually much harder and more durable than factory clearcoats, ceramic coatings fill in the microscopic pits and grooves in your clearcoat caused by every day wear and washing.

It's a fresh perfectly flat surface that will last looking new for longer.

The topmost layer on a ceramic coating is hydrophobic. On the microscopic level, this means billions of nano-sized needles per square inch, completely invisible to the naked eye and too small to affect optics, but enough to trap air underneath water, giving every droplet a free express ride on a cushion of trapped air straight to the road.

GRAPHENE ceramic coating


The most technologically advanced graphene coating in the industry, Angelwax NEBULA has a unique ‘one-coat’ application process which leaves the ultimate ‘wet-look’ gloss finish that is very slick to the touch and leaves a super hard shell on the surface of the paint.

The graphene within the coating works as a gloss boost and ensures the paint surface remains ultra-slick to the touch.

This tough coating reduces the risk of paint swirls which occur during the wash process and it’s hydrophobic properties reduce the potential for water-spotting.

Water-spotting occurs when minerals and dirt dissolved in water dry out and appear as transparent spots on the surface of the top-coat.

The slickness and hydrophobicity combine into a self-cleaning ability, resulting in easier maintenance as your vehicle will remain cleaner for longer.

Angelwax NEBULA is installed with a 5 year factory warranty when inspected sequentially every 12 months or less.

genesis ceramic coating angelwax



Angelwax Enigma Genesis is a state-of-the-art ceramic coating designed only for professional use.

Enigma Genesis is another ‘one-coat’ application which offers outstanding gloss, superb durability, swirl resistance and makes the vehicle much easier to maintain as dirt and grime are easily removed during the wash process.

The Enigma Genesis coating carries a 5 years warranty for complete peace of mind, when inspected sequentially every 12 months or less by an accredited installer.

Titanium Ceramic Coatings for body and Wheel

Enigma Legacy + Enigma Legacy Wheel & Caliper

Enigma Legacy is an easy to use titanium ceramic coating which doesn't require an infra-red lamp to cure. Ease of use makes this durable coating applicable by both professional and enthusiast alike and it is the only ceramic body coating we currently sell to the public.

Formulated with titanium oxides, Enigma Legacy Wheel & Caliper is a unique coating designed to be specifically applied to alloy wheels and brake calipers. The titanium oxide ceramic is very heat resistant, perfect for keeping your high performance brake calipers and alloys looking showroom fresh.

Enigma Legacy Wheel & Caliper combines excellently with any ceramic body coating for a more comprehensive ceramic coverage of your vehicle.

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Angelwax Exodus is a
professional grade glass coating that chemically bonds to glass and has a
durability of up to 2 years from a single application.  The deviations
that appear on glass surfaces are only visible under a microscope and
once Exodus has been applied to the glass it creates an optically flat surface which is completely smooth and helps keep the glass cleaner for longer.

Once the coating has been applied, any water making contact with the glass will turn into micro-droplets and bead straight off the vehicle,
even at low speeds. The performance of the windscreen wiper will not be affected and any ice, insects and bird lime are very easily removed.  Driving in wet road conditions becomes much safer and reduces eye strain especially whilst driving at night.