Micro-Cleanse 2.0

Micro-Cleanse 2.0

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Angelwax MICRO-CLEANSE 2.0 has been formulated to give a deep cleanse to microfibre cloths, towels and wash-mitts.

This advanced pH-neutral formula removes dirt and grime more effectively than regular detergents, resulting in a thorough and efficient cleaning solution with no fibre matting.

Completely residue-free, this gentle wash solution won’t damage, discolour or deteriorate delicate microfibre fabrics.

MICRO-CLEANSE 2.0 will also restore the absorbency of microfibre materials resulting in efficient drying, wiping, and cleaning during the detailing process.

  • Optimal Cleaning Performance
  • Residue-Free Formula
  • Gentle and Safe
  • Restores Absorbency
  • Advanced Odour Elimination
  • Easy to use

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