All Purpose Cleaner



€24,14 - 500ml
€87,30 - 5L

Not to be confused with cheap, pre-diluted products, MYRIAD APC is a professional strength all-purpose cleaner designed to remove contamination from the multitude of surfaces both on the inside and the outside of your vehicle.

Even when heavily diluted, MYRIAD APC gets to work removing tough stains from interior fabrics and carpets and a stronger solution will make light work of heavily contaminated exteriors and engine bays.

Directions for Use:

Please read the precautionary statements before use!
With a separate mixing bottle, decant the required amount of MYRIAD APC and add the water accordingly, use the dilution guide
if needed.

Exterior Use:
Spray the cleaner onto the area to be treated and agitate with a detailing brush or a microfibre applicator pad. Once the area has been
cleaned, rinse thoroughly with water. Always ensure any exterior surface is cool to the touch before use!
Interior Use:
Spray the cleaner on the area to be treated and agitate with a soft detailing brush, a microfibre applicator pad or a microfibre cloth. Once the area has been treated, wipe any residue away with a clean damp, microfibre cloth. Rinse the microfibre cloth regularly to remove any dirt and to prevent re-contamination of the treated area.
Dilution Guide: (Water/Product)
100:1 – Interior Cleaning
80:20 – Carpet Cleaning
70:30 – Nicotine Removal
50:50 – Engine Cleaning
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