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February 24 - february 26
The London Classic Car Show

"The Classic Car Show team is responsible for creating some of the UK’s most exciting and iconic Classic Car events.

We’re in the business of creating live events that celebrate classic cars, telling their stories, showcasing legends and allowing our visitors to not only admire these beautiful machines, and the people behind them, but to also experience them at their best, on road or on the track."

MARCH 11 - march 12

"The DETAILING SHOW is the only event in France that gathers all French and international detailing companies."

Held in Paris, France.

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March 18
ceramic coating certification event - Beaufort, South Carolina
  • contact: Tommy Ramos Davis

  • $599, $250 deposit via paypal friends & family to

  • limited places (10)

April 1
ceramic coating certification event - santa rosa, california
  • contact: Tommy Ramos Davis

  • $599, $250 deposit via paypal friends & family to

  • limited places (10)

may 13 - may 14
expo detail mexico

One of Mexico's top detailing expos, Expo Detail Mexico brings together detailers and detailing brands accross Mexico and Latin America under one roof for two days with the goal of creating a community amongst detailers and linking them up with native and international brands for products, training and certification.

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may 21
Porsche in The Glenn

"The largest gathering of porsches in scotland" Porsche In the Glenn is a relaxing meetup of porsche fans and families.

June 2 - june 3

Started by legendary detailer Daryl Lyons in 2019, SDC has been a huge success. Bringing together some of the top detailers from around the world with the best detailing companies out there, SDC is a networking event with empthasis on hands-on learning opportunities and the exchange of ideas between detailing pros.

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july 22 - july 23

Billing itself as "The world's largest specialist car care event and detailing expo" Waxstock in coventry is an annual event that brings in thousands of detailers and businesses from around the world.

Waxstock is an Angelwax staple event, we will of course be there.

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october 31 - november 3

The Speciality (not "speed", honest) Equipment Market Association show is one of the biggest and oldest automotive aftermarket trade shows around.

Going strong every year since 1967 except 2020, thanks to covid, SEMA is held in Las Vegas and is absolutely huge with usual turnouts of more than 60,000 buyers in over 12 spaces dedicated to their own segment of the aftermarket industry.

Angelwax will of course be found in the detailing section, just look for the giant Angelwax bottles.

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in 2023 Angelwax attended the Mobile Tech Expo with a full classroom as our resident mad scientist john spilled the beans on our products with a little chemistry lesson.


The classic car show for the Netherlands and Belgium, Angelwax very proudly teamed up with Spyker in 2023 to showcase our products to the classic car world.

Classic cars require special care, so our bespoke refined and carefully formulated products naturally fit this highly dignified niche.